Welcome to Bojo-Software.

The software available for download here are no longer supported. All software is freeware and Windows only.

Bojo Easy Scan v. 1.02.

Bojo Easy Scan is a template based scanning program. It's perfect for tedious scanning tasks where you have to scan a lot of images and resize/sharpen/auto-contrast them and so on.

Download installer (962 KB)

Bojo video converter 1.00.

Simple tool to convert between AVI video files and image sequences.

Download installer (875 KB)

VST instruments:


Impulse is a CPU efficient virtual analog synthesizer.

Download installer (1,04 MB)

Organ One.

Organ One v. 2 is a 16 voice virtual organ.

Download installer (776 KB)

VST effects:

WaveChanger 3.

Wave changer 3 is a plugin that replaces your sound waves with simple waveforms. It distorts the sound in unusual ways, ranging from weird to horrible. ;-)

Download .zip file (303 KB)

Free plugin pack.

BJ Flanger, BJ LoFi, BJ Overdrive, BJ Ringmodulator², BJ Tremolo, & BJ Wavechanger².

Download installer (930 KB)

All software is copyright Bo Johansen, Denmark.